“Bitcoin car”

Bitcoin car

Strange but true! An ordinary Toyota Prius, bought for a few bitcoins a few years ago, has once again managed to attract the attention of the bitcoin world.

“Bitcoin car”: from a crypto curiosity to an automotive crypto sensation

The “Bitcoin car” is making headlines again! The legendary vehicle, purchased in 2013 for just 1000 BTC, found its way onto the Scarce City marketplace. Especially: Here all transactions are made with Bitcoin. The car is currently priced at a whopping 13.5 million satoshi, which is about $3,500. The auction will be closed after five days. But that’s not all, the car will also be on display at a glamorous conference in Miami next week. A real eye-catcher!

The “Bitcoin car” has a true success story behind it and is legendary in the industry. Bitcoin developer Michael Tozoni had the brilliant idea of ​​selling a thousand bitcoins in 2013. Instead, he treated himself to this fancy Toyota Prius car. At that time, the price of the digital currency was around 22,000 US dollars. But after buying the car, things suddenly went uphill with the price of THE cryptocurrency par excellence.

Will the crypto car be exhibited in a museum one day?

Devin Konopa, a proud previous owner of the now more than famous Toyota, is certain: This vehicle is more than just a simple car. It is a milestone in the history of the crypto world. “I think the car will definitely be on display in a museum one day,” Konopa announced enthusiastically. And he added: “It will be considered one of the most important artifacts in the history of Bitcoin!”

The “Bitcoin car” has already taken part in more than 30 events and has even been chauffeured to Bitcoin ATM openings . No wonder, then, that it also bears the descriptive name “48 million dollar Toyota”. This moniker alludes to the value of the #1 cryptocurrency on that memorable day when it broke the $48,000 mark. So the car not only has style, but also an incredible financial story to tell. 

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