Strike available in Europe: This is what makes the Bitcoin app special


Strike is now available in Europe. The service gained some notoriety by selling Bitcoin at low cost. The Lightning Network is also integrated. Despite the promising announcement, the app is still not being released in Switzerland.

Strike is now available in Europe

Strike is now available in Europe – managing director and company founder Jack Mallers announced this on Twitter yesterday. Previously, the app was only available in America, Africa and Asia.

Among Bitcoiners, Strike is a well-known app that offers a variety of financial services. We want to make it particularly easy and cheap for customers to buy and sell Bitcoin . The application also competes with classic payment service providers by promising global sending of cryptocurrency or fiat currency in real time.

Strike uses Bitcoin’s Lightning Network for this. Even before the app was released for the European market, Strike was available to around three billion people in over 95 countries.

“Today we are launching Strike Europe, expanding our complete product offering to all eligible European customers,” explains Mallers in his announcement.

However, the US entrepreneur has not yet specified in which countries the app will now be available. In another article he talks about the European Union. Some users are asking about release on the British market, which does not appear to be affected by the expansion so far.

On a map that Mallers presented in a video, in addition to Great Britain, other countries such as Italy, Spain and Switzerland are grayed out. Accordingly, the global bitcoin app will not be available in this country in the foreseeable future.

This is what makes the Bitcoin app special

The global bitcoin app wants to make using the app particularly convenient with a number of functions. Through SEPA real-time transfers, users can transfer their money directly to the service to spontaneously invest in Bitcoin.

Each user account comes with a Lightning domain that is easy for users to remember. This corresponds to the format [email protected].

According to Strike, transfers of the purchased BTC to a blockchain wallet are free of charge. The service wants to implement this offer by allowing a longer period of time to wait for a favorable moment on the blockchain.

Users also receive five euros credited to their Strike account for each person they recruit. The service allows you to earn up to 400 euros in income per year.

Similar to the Cash App, which is popular in the USA, Strike offers the option to send money around the globe in real time. By using the Lightning Network, the costs incurred are negligible.

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To purchase Bitcoin through the application, users must first go through a standard KYC process. Before explicitly paying out to a self-managed wallet, the cryptocurrencies purchased from the global bitcoin app are in the company’s custody.

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