DOGE is about to grow up – Dogecoin Foundation presents Trailmap 2022


For many, Dogecoin is nothing more than a meme coin that you buy in the hope that it will eventually become something and otherwise keep your fingers crossed. The Dogecoin Foundation now wants to make sure that something comes out of it and make the project a permanent fixture. In its planning for 2022, the foundation announced that it was revising its website and making learning material available. She also wants to work with Vitalik Buterin as the move to the Proof of Stake consensus mechanism is sought.

Dogecoin speaks of a trail map, not a road map, and that’s important to the foundation. A roadmap mediates an immutable path into the future, led by a single company, but since it is a community-driven project, the term “trailmap” is more appropriate as the direction of the many individual contributors to the various projects on the Dogecoin blockchain and the ecosystem.

The foundation has announced that it will unveil a new website in 2022, developed by Doge Army volunteers. She will also be launching Dogepedia, an area that will contain all the FAQs about Dogecoin from the internet, Reddit, Twitter and other platforms.

“We hope to equip the Doge Army with the means to disperse FUD wherever they can by making every question and answer a linkable page!”

Libdogecoin and switch to PoS

The foundation also announced that it will launch Libdogecoin, a full implementation of the Dogecoin protocols. This C library will enable developers to develop Dogecoin products without having to worry about the deeper specifics of the crypto functions.

Libdogecoin will be a pure library and will not offer an executable node facility.

The foundation believes that the outdated Dogecoin Core Wallet is cluttered with desktop metaphors that no longer make sense in the modern world. It’s also full of facilities that slow down development.

“We believe that we can multiply the innovative capacity of the community by making the core functionality of Dogecoin available as a simple C library with bindings for many languages.”

Dogecoin is a spin-off from Bitcoin, which means that it relies on Proof of Work as a consensus mechanism. While changing some of the traits that make Bitcoin slow and energy hungry, it is nowhere near as efficient as PoS cryptocurrencies, and that is what the foundation plans to change by 2022.

The foundation works with Ethereum founder Vitalik Buterin, which will also be switched to PoS with Ethereum 2.0. Together they are working on a “unique Doge proposal for a community staking version of PoS that allows everyone, not just the big players, to participate in a way that rewards them for their contribution to running the network, and at the same time gives something back to the entire community through charity. “

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