Blockchain Technology and Human-Error; Interview with Asaf Naim, the CEO of Kirobo.


Asaf Naim is a serial entrepreneur with over a decade of entrepreneurial experience.

Naim spent several years running multiple tech companies in both the United States and Israel, where he mastered international taxation and developed extensive financial and management skills. Naim is a CPA and holds a BA in Accounting/Economics as well as an MBT (summa cum laude).

What is Kirobo and what unique services are you bringing to the blockchain technology market?

Kirobo is a blockchain technology company that provides state-of-the-art tools to crypto users and companies, helping them gain better control of their funds. The company aims to make blockchain as simple and secure as online banking.

Kirobo’s first product – the undo button for crypto transactions – is already fully functional and has processed over 1,000 transactions valued at more than $30 million. The undo feature functions by providing a unique transaction code that must be entered by the recipient in order to receive funds from the sender. Until the recipient has entered the correct code, the sender may retrieve the funds at any time.

On blockchain and human-Error, what issues was blockchain facing before Kirobo?

Cryptocurrency users are facing a very big problem when they want to send their money. We are all trying to shy away from traditional finance, but the fact of the matter is that sending money through traditional systems, like an online bank, is a straightforward and trustful process.

In crypto, however, it’s a very stressful and complicated task. Almost every crypto user can tell you first-hand horror stories about how they lost their money. It happens either due to human error or fraud. There’s no need to elaborate on the benefits of blockchain and decentralization, but If we want to get to mass adoption – we need to drop the stress and complications and make those processes seamless and straightforward.

In simple terms for blockchain beginners, what is a logic layer? Tell us more about the logic layers you already created over the Bitcoin network.

Kirobo adds another layer of protection to each transaction by password-protecting it. The password is set by the sender, and is passed to the receiver. Once the receiver submits the passcode, the transaction goes through. Until that happens, the sender can retrieve the transfer at any point.

Moreover, if the money was sent to the wrong address (either due to an error or some malware), the mistaken transaction can not go through. Needless to say that the fake/erroneous receiver will not have the password, and therefore can’t receive the money.

Some people are using it as a form of crypto escrow: I’m sending you money, but the transfer is pending. You can see that I’m good for it, but you won’t receive the money yet. This is extremely effective for paying suppliers, vendors, and more. Other people view our service as a form of a crypto chargeback. Either way – More than $250 million has passed through the system and counting.

How is Kirobo a growth tool for Wallets and Exchanges, and what is the level of demand for this tool?

I believe that the undo button is an amazing tool for users of wallets and exchanges. One of the main features of these companies is the transfer of crypto funds. Their users are doing it all the time. So, why not make their experience more pleasant and tranquil? It’s a no-brainer.

Adding the undo button can also be the selling point and the added value of wallets and exchanges.

We are currently in touch with some of the leading wallets and exchanges, as well as some OTC platforms, for the purpose of integration. I believe that within a year’s time the undo feature will become a household standard for crypto transfers.

During this digital transformation age and post-covid crisis, what benefits can users get from Kirobo?

If there’s something that the Covid period has taught us is that we need to gain more control over our money. People understand that the old system, which is based on fiat currencies, is obsolete. On the other hand, blockchain isn’t ripe to provide retail users with all their financial needs and is far from being user-friendly. Kirobo is building the blocks to bridge this gap, and makes blockchain safer, more simple and more accessible.

What are the advantages of your support from the Israel Innovation Authority and what does it entail?

Kirobo is one of the only blockchain companies to receive this grant, and is the only one to receive it twice. We had to go through a very stringent vetting process. We are very proud to receive such vote of confidence from the Israeli Innovation Authority and believe this shows just how robust and cutting-edge our technology is.

Tell us more about your executive team and support experts, what makes you special?

Kirobo has a very talented and professional executive team, composed of savvy crypto veterans. We are hiring extensively and hand-picking each professional to assure that the team works in a synchronized manner and that every team member shares our vision.

Do you have any available opportunities for partners and investors at Kirobo?

We are always open to new collaborations and possibilities.

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