Securitize takes Europe by storm


Now a US crypto heavyweight is setting sail for Europe: Securitize, a renowned tokenization company, is entering the European market with Spain, according to a press release yesterday (July 27 ) ! And they have big plans: Securitize started to digitally issue the shares of the Spanish real estate giant Mancipi Partners – a groundbreaking step!

Revolutionary share issue in Spain via Avalanche

For the first time a share was digitized and tokenized in Spain! With the proud approval of the Spanish Ministry of Finance, the innovative company relies on the Avalanche blockchain and relies on the regulator CNMV (Comision Nacional del Mercado de Valores) to keep an eye on everything.

But what makes Spain so attractive for Securitize? The answer lies in the clever regulations: Here companies can experiment and tokenize with real assets without lengthy licenses and tests. A top-class crypto playground, if you will.

To USA: Securitize storms Europe

“We wanted to show that we can be just as successful in Europe as we are in the US,” emphasizes Amparo Garcia Flores , Securitize’s European manager for brokerage houses and markets. “This is a very important milestone for us. We don’t just experiment in theory. We are showing that we can do business on both sides of the Atlantic. Our transactions are transparent, without expensive middlemen, and also accessible to private customers,” says the Madid-based businesswoman.

And the ambitious plans don’t stop there: Securitize, which was founded in 2017 in the United States, plans to open a new center in Spain and from there conquer all of Europe. Transaction fees are lower, monitoring more transparent – this is the future!

The start of transactions on the used market for the Avalanche-based tokens in September is now eagerly awaited. Securitize shows that they don’t just make big words, but also follow up with deeds. Europe, brace yourself: the crypto revolution is on its way, and Spain is at the forefront!

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