DeSantis Wants to End the Bitcoin War


In the run-up to the presidency, Ron DeSantis, one of the top contenders, is once again showing his support for Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies . But his message goes even further: The current governor of Florida declares that he wants to end the Biden government’s “war” on Bitcoin and stand up for the freedom of cryptocurrencies.

DeSantis: US presidential candidate wants to end Bitcoin war

In his recent campaign speech in New Hampshire, DeSantis made it clear that he intends to reverse the anti-Bitcoin course being pursued by the current administration: “They have waged a war on Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies, and I will end that war as soon as I am elected President. Bitcoin is a threat to them and they try to regulate it without treating its existence fairly.”

DeSantis had previously made it clear that he was also opposed to the introduction of CBDCs (Central Bank Digital Currencies) in the United States . His concern is that such central bank digital currencies could limit the financial freedom of citizens, which he vehemently denies. Not only DeSantis, but also another presidential candidate, Robert Kennedy Jr., takes the same line and expressly supports the No. 1 cryptocurrency. But he even goes a step further and advocates backing the dollar with Bitcoin.

Strong signal for the crypto world

For cryptocurrency supporters, support from potential presidential candidates like DeSantis and Kennedy is a strong signal. They see it as a recognition of the importance and potential of digital currencies for the future of finance. While some politicians around the world are still reluctant to integrate Bitcoin and Co. into their financial systems, other candidates such as DeSantis and Kennedy are sending clear signals in support of decentralized currencies.

The coming months will show which of the candidates actually has the chance to move into the White House and whether they will actually fulfill their promises regarding Bitcoin and the crypto world. But the clear words of Ron DeSantis and Robert Kennedy Jr. make the hearts of crypto fans beat faster and give them hope for a future in which digital currencies have a permanent place in the US political landscape.

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